Refugee Claimant Definition

A refugee claimant arriving in Canada claims protection at a port of entry or at a Canada Immigration Centre. This person is defined as someone who is unable or unwilling to return to their country because of a fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, political opinion, nationality or membership in a particular social group.

Serving Refugee Claimant Families By Providing:

  • Housing
  • Resettlement assistance
  • Relational support

About Journey Home

Back in late 2005 when we began to operate "officially" as Journey Home Community we were basically a "family business". We had a very low budget, mostly funded by the donations of a few committed volunteers, our “board” consisted of three people who met regularly to try to get the most urgent items of business on track, and we were already assisting four refugee families in the best way we could.

The years since then have been a time of major transition, as we moved from that smaller but important mission of reaching a few refugee claimant families with the love of Jesus, into a broader and expanded vision of what it would take to meet the needs of hundreds of refugees who are claiming asylum in this part of Canada each year.

We currently help about 12 to 16 new families per year with transitional housing (apartment suites in Burnaby and New Westminster) and have supported over 40 additional families with resettlement assistance and in their move to more permanent housing. We also have numerous volunteer teams who come alongside families and provide the relational support so necessary at this point in their journey.

Board of Directors

John Dyck - President
Ann Barnard Ball
Derek Chu
Marleni Curi
Brenda Gossen
Ron Hammell
Michelle Krenzler
Jeff Svanhill
Kim Tran
Bert Wiens