Welcoming Refugees into our lives

After using up their resources to get to safety, many refugee claimant families arrive in Metro Vancouver with limited options. Some end up homeless and vulnerable.

Communities of Welcome for Refugee Claimants invites your church or community group to partner with us.

Together we can prevent homelessness and provide a welcoming community for arriving refugees. Similar to Canada’s refugee sponsorship program, you offer a home and the critical settlement support for a family during their first critical months.

Left out in the Cold

Amar, a refugee claimant father, found himself wandering down a Vancouver Street one evening in the pouring rain with four children under five in tow. They had stayed in a hotel for a few days but had ran out of money. With nowhere to go, he did not know what to do.

We can do better than this. Join us to make sure no more families are left out in the cold.

Thankfully, he connected with a partner church group. They had a Welcome Team ready and a warm home prepped to receive this vulnerable family.

How it works

Communities of Welcome for Refugee Claimants is designed to help meet the needs of increasing numbers of arriving refugee claimant families by providing:

o    training and tools for your welcoming community so you can support a family in need.

o    ongoing coaching as you offer housing, supports and inclusion.

We ask community groups to form a team with at least 5 members who commit to a minimum of one year and provide funds to support the initial needs of the families and cover some of our costs of training and coaching. We help your team to locate housing if they cannot find safe and affordable housing for the family. The relationships formed between the team and the families change the lives of all involved.

You can help refugee claimant families experience a warm welcome in Canada.

Contact us to learn more: Call: 604.568.4892 Email: brad@journeyhomecommunity.ca