We can only imagine

Omar and his family had just 15 minutes to flee their home . . . what would you take with you?

When they arrived in Metro Vancouver, they had no money, no job, no landlord references and four small children.

They were homeless. What would you do?

3 facts for you to know

1. All refugees have fled persecution or danger

To officially be a refugee, you cannot return to your country. When people claim they are refugees, but whose cases haven’t been fully evaluated, they are defined as “asylum seekers” or “refugee claimants”. Journey Home Community welcomes and supports refugee claimant families.

Only those who have fled their home and have crossed an international border are refugees. Those who stay within their own country are considered “internally displaced persons.”

2.  Canada, as part of its international commitments, accepts refugee claimants

This is not a fast or easy process. First, Canada determines whether your claim is legitimate. Then in order to stay in Canada, you must prove you are not able to return to your country either:

  • Because of a well-founded fear of persecution based on your race, religion, political stance, nationality or identification with a social group. This means you are a Convention Refugee  

  • Because you face torture, cruel and unusual treatment, or death. This means you are In Need of Protection

3. By the end of this year, 3500+ asylum seekers will have arrived in British Columbia.  

They face unique challenges. When government sponsored refugees arrive in BC they are provided housing, settlement services, medical coverage and a basic income. Privately sponsored refugees are welcomed by their sponsors who provide housing and support. They can access immediate medical coverage, funds and also know they are here to stay.

Refugee claimants’ arrival experience in BC is different. Upon arriving with little or no resources, they are at grave risk of homelessness. Many struggle to access safe and affordable housing, food, education, legal support, medical care and settlement services. They arrive with skills, hope and determination but are vulnerable to poverty, homelessness and isolation.

This is why Journey Home focuses exclusively on refugee claimant families.


At Journey Home Community, our desire is to see refugee claimants thrive.

We seek to help them overcome barriers that hinder them from using their assets to realize their hopes and dreams.

Refugee Claimant Families have been through so much. Help them rebuild their lives within our community.